Curriculum Vitae

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2017-2026MBBSUniversity College London
2021-2024PhD, Computational Immunology & Machine LearningUniversity College London
2019-2020BSc Immunology, Infection and Cell PathologyUniversity College London
2015-2017International BaccalaureateACS International School Cobham

Academic achievements Link to heading

Scholarship programmes Link to heading

MBBS Link to heading

  • Distinction in medical sciences (2019)
  • Certificate of Merit in Academic Performance + Dissection (2019)
  • Letter of Commendation for Excellent Presentation (2019)
  • Certificate of Merit in Acaemic Performance (2018)

BSc Immunology, Infection and Cell Pathology Link to heading

  • First Class Honours (2020)
  • Best overall results within cohort (2020)
  • Member of UCL Dean’s List (2020)

International Baccalaureate Link to heading

  • Graduated as salutatorian (2017)
  • 43/45 points overall (2017)
  • Full marks (7/7) for all subjects at higher level (2017)
  • Bilingual diploma awarded for studying literature in two languages at native level (2017)

Other Link to heading

  • University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award (2017)
  • Gold in the British Biology Olympiad (2017)
  • UK Senior Mathematics Challenge
    • Perfect score (2016)
    • Best in Year (2016)
    • Best in School (2016)
    • Gold (2015, 2016)
  • High-Scoring Student Award from the American Scholastic Mathematics Association (2017)
  • Top-10 at ISMTF Senior Mahtematical Competition (2016)

Research Experience Link to heading

For a list of my publications, please see the publications page. Below is a list of my earliest and non-published work.

Computational Link to heading

Defining an N-Dimensional Representation of the Human TCR Landscape (2019-2020) Link to heading

This project at the UCL Cancer Institute was done as part of my BSc in Immunology, Infection and Cell Pathology. Here I developed a variational autoencoder for human T cell receptor (TCR) amino acid sequences and showed that mapping healthy and diseased (lung caner) patient TCR repertoires into the model’s representation space showed detectable differences in TCR distribution.

Automating Cell Image Analysis Through Deep Learning (2019-2020) Link to heading

In this summer internship project at the UCL Cancer Institute, I developed a convolutional neural network-based computer vision program that can take in various types of scientific image data and accurately output the numbers and locations of objects of interest (such as cells or worms) seen in the image.

Modelling Air Pollution and Climate Change (2017) Link to heading

For a sixth-form science competition, I developed a real-time simulation modelling the effects of air pollution and deforestation on the Earth’s surface temperature.

Determining Optimum Investments in Monopoly (2017) Link to heading

For my higher-level International Baccalaureate mathematics class, I used a Markov chain model to determine best investment strategies in the game of Monopoly.

Modelling the Spread of Infectious Disease (2016) Link to heading

As part of my higher-level International Baccalaureate biology class, I investigated and critiqued the SEIR compartmental model of infection.

Wet Lab Link to heading

Summer Internship at the UCL Cancer Institute (2019) Link to heading

Gained basic cell-based wet lab training and experience at the UCL Cancer Institute.

Working with Drosophila (2018-2019) Link to heading

Gained basic Drosophila wet lab training and experience at the UCL Institute of Aging.

Primitive Intelligence in Physarum polycephalum (2017) Link to heading

For my extended essay for the International Baccalaureate programme, I conducted my own experiments cross-examining a theory on the underlying physical mechanisms of intelligent behaviour in P. polycephalum, an amoeboid organism.

Extracurricular Link to heading

Leadership Roles Link to heading

  • Group lead of Chordiac Arrest, a vocal performance group (2019-2021)
  • Treasurer at University of London St. John Ambulance unit and society (2018-2020)
  • Publicity head for UCL Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres society (2018-2019)

Volunteering Link to heading

  • Event First Aider with St. John’s Ambulance (2019-2020)
  • Japanese langauge teacher with UCL Japan society (2017-2018)
  • Carer for patients with locked-in syndrome at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (2016-2017)

Competitions/Awards Link to heading

  • 1st place at the Biohack London (2023)
  • 2nd place at the UCL Dementia Hack (2020)
  • Eagle scout (top rank) in the Boy Scouts of America (2017)